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Technologies that change the face of the healthcare


The rapid development of new technologies and the increase in fundamental knowledge concerning human health and the mechanisms of disease   have been so fast during the last decades that we can say that we are living in times of medical revolution. Low cost personal genomics, the digitization of health records, crowd sourced data, molecular imaging, wearable devices & mobile health, synthetic biology, robotics, AI, nanotechnology, 3D printing and regenerative medicine are totally changing the face of healthcare and the practice of medicine. The same applies to pharmacology. New drugs currently in clinical trials are no longer scattershot one-size-fits-all affairs, but carefully targeted to the molecular fingerprints of specific diseases. Some of these drugs are even targeted to a patient’s unique DNA profile. But translation of these new technologies into clinical use has raised complex medical, economic, and social issues. Technological innovation in medicine covers the wide range of events by which a new medical technology is discovered or invented, developed, and disseminated into health care. One of the most vulnerable links in this innovation chain today is the development phase, in which research findings are brought into clinical practice.

The conference will address the  issues impacting the development of innovative medicine and explore the challenges and  opportunities in this field. We will look for answers to many emerging questions from the prospective of leading physicians, scientists and innovators and examine rapidly emerging, game changing and convergent technology trends and how they are and will be leveraged to change the face of healthcare in the next decades. The conference will also include live demonstrations and showcases presented by leading Polish clinics and manufacturers of medical equipment. Clinicians, technologists, researchers, manufacturers, venture capital managers, public health officials, not-for-profit organisations and others will convene at the conference with a shared goal to accelerate bringing new, innovative solutions to medical practice.

Key topic areas for discussion will include:

  • The future of health and medicine:  Where can technology take us?
  • Can Artificial Intelligence change medicine?
  • Will the application of Big Data result in reduced cost of treatment or faster identification of epidemic outbreaks?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of smart sensors in medicine
  • Personalized medicine and tailored healthcare
  • Participatory medicine and patient empowerment