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Transportation is undergoing one of the biggest transformations in history



The new generations of vehicles and transport systems will dramatically change how we travel. From self-driving cars to the Hyperloop, leading companies are investing in new ways for humans to get from one place to another more efficiently.  The automotive industry has been heavily influenced by a few key technology trends that have the potential to change its current structure, ecosystem and value proposition. Increasingly, the industry is shifting away from the car-as-a-product to the car-as-a-service. Electric cars are going mainstream. Numerous major automakers plan to roll out a fully electric, long-range car by the end of the decade. Self-driving cars are quickly becoming a reality. Most major automakers aim to have a car on the market with an advanced semiautonomous system by 2020. And many of these car companies expect to have fully autonomous cars ready within the decade. Driverless shuttles are already being tested in several cities. Some companies are working on self-driving buses. Autonomous large transport drone are just built for the sky. Like electric cars, electric planes are also becoming a reality.  Autonomous monorails are expected dramatically improve daily commute. Hyperloop systems will provide an affordable, efficient way to travel between major cities at speeds exceeding 500 mph.

The conference will address the critical issues impacting the development in transportation and explore opportunities in this remarkably-changing sector. The conference will include presentations and panel discussions featuring renowned researchers in transportation and leading Polish businesses presenting relevant projects. It will bring together transportation industry leaders, authorities and city planners, rail and public transportation operators, technology and software suppliers, logistics companies, business consultants, researchers and inventors, all with the common goal of looking for solutions for the increasingly demanding challenge of providing efficient, safe and sustainable transportation in the future.

Key topic areas for discussion will include:

  • Examining new concepts of transportation and changes in surface congestion
  • Developing zero-emission transportation and sustainable mobility solutions
  • Intelligent urban mobility in smart megacities of the future
  • How can new technologies help modernise railways?
  • Will autonomous vehicles   revolutionise transportation and urban mobility?
  • Will today’s automotive companies be lost in history or will they be part of the new transport solution?
  • Is MaaS a bright future of transportation and urban mobility?